How To Create Content In Instagram Upon Start?

If we are at the beginning of the road and we do not have a well-developed strategy, in general the temptation is to post as much as possible, to generate as much content as possible to attract as many followers as possible, but most of the time the quality is neglected.

So far there is no “standard” recipe to attract followers, but we can consider certain rules that will generate benefits, such as:

The overview, or the mix of content – we like things that have a continuity and a logical thread, and in the same way our profile must be built. This means that it is important that what we post makes sense. Thus, if we choose to post very colorful content, or more black and white content, then it is good to keep one of the directions.

Preferably, in order to avoid discrepancies, we should avoid sudden changes and use a maximum of 2-3 preset filters. Note the rule of “3”, the last 3 posts must be related to the next post.

Sources of inspiration – we all have moments when we don’t know what to post, which is absolutely normal. The sources of inspiration help us to create something new and to see things in a different vision. To be inspired does not mean to copy! Although we find ideas that we like, we must keep our originality and personal style.

We “educate” the followers and we learn from them – a little analysis never hurts, so let’s analyze! And when I say that, it doesn’t necessarily mean using dedicated tools and doing complex analysis. For a start, it is enough to observe what type of content the audience reacts best to, by simply scrolling over existing posts, to determine what kind of content they appreciate.

By posting at certain set intervals, followers will know when we are active. A posting calendar is useful, especially if we already have the content we want to share.

Instagram remains Instagram – we know that a photo or video can be posted on different platforms, we do not deny this, but not every type of content is suitable for Instagram. So, if we uploaded a picture on Facebook, which is nice and very appreciated, we should not rush to share it on our Instagram profile.

The priority is to make sure that it matches the activity and history of previous posts. As well, an image shared on Instagram is not necessarily suitable for Facebook, because in the end, the two platforms are very different in purpose and content.

We interact and are active – being active doesn’t just mean generating content and that’s it! We appreciate, comment and track the activity of other accounts. Thus, we will be much easier to find when someone is looking for us, and it helps us to grow in the long run the community of those who follow us.

Patience – if we just posted and don’t get any appreciation in the next few minutes or even hours, this doesn’t indicate poor quality content. Appreciations and reactions come in time.